Elcogen at FC Expo 2012, Japan

It was our second time to participate at FC Expo in Tokyo! Three days full of interesting conversations, new contacts and evident understanding that fuel cell solutions will shortly be available in commercial channels and to more and more customers as durability and cost goals are achieved.

Stack cost in a system can reach 1/3 of the overall price and much of that third is coming from single cells. Price is of the essence for end-customers and it is as well being a critical obstacle in reaching mass market.

We at Elcogen believe that we can help you on that. Our single cells are designed to be simple and robust, but still highly efficient, durable and cost effective. These cells are already being produced and have been delivered to our customers and partners for over a year now.

Take your time to go through our Product chapter on this webpage and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email or call us anytime!

European Union Regional Development Fund

Elcogen's participation was co-funded by European Union Regional Development Fund.