New Brochures!

Some months have passed by, a lot has happened and therefore we felt that it is time to take these changes to our brochures too. What are the main updates?

Well. We are glad to introduce new SOFC single cell generation ASC-10C with first deliveries already made in February. We managed to keep efficiency, durability and mechanical properties, but made the cell twice as thin as its predecessor ASC-10B is. There is also a third SOFC single cell generation coming later this year and its properties can also be found in the updated brochure. 

We have been rather active on stack development as well with first deliveries of our 500W stack made in the first quarter of this year. In addition we are finishing preparatory work for our 1kW stack and it will be ready for orders later this year. 

All that and much more can be found in our updated brochures. Have a look!  


Elcogen brochure 2013 in English.
Elcogen brochure 2013 in Japanese.