Integrated Management System Policy

Elcogen is developer, manufacturer and seller of solid oxide cells and stacks. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the energy industry, fuel cell systems, materials science, electrochemistry and product design.

  • Continuous improvement of all aspects on the business is essential to satisfy our stakeholders.
  • We follow strictly the regulative acts of the European Union and site-specific country regulations.
  • We focus on customers satisfaction by providing only high-quality products and respecting our agreements.
  • We set environmental goals and constantly improve our products together with processes to minimize environmental footprint.
  • We educate our employees to improve their professional skills along with awareness about environment, health and safety.
  • We ensure the well-being of our employees by eliminating hazards and minimizing any health and safety related risks with the aim to prevent all work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • We involve employees in our efforts to improve health and safety at work.