We enable clear sky

Power generation without internal combustion

Solid oxide cell & stack technology

Our products have the highest rate of energy conversion efficiency

Elcogen stacks have a world best rate of primary energy conversion efficiency to electricity at over 70%. Our technology works at a lower operating temperature, which is a key contributor to reducing stack and system costs, as well as lower degradation rates at the cell and stack level.

Planar, ceramic, anode-supported cells operate at 650°C. SEE MORE
Stacks use low cost materials and are designed for mass manufacturing. See more

Unique patented technology

Elcogen’s stacks operate at a lower temperature of 650°C, enabling longer lifetimes and the use of low-cost materials at the cell, stack and system level. Our solutions enable fuel cell system manufacturers to bring their products to the global commercial market for a variety of applications by solving cost, efficiency and lifetime issues. Our targets are:

Platform for multiple industries

Our customers range from system integrators of residential, commercial and industrial power generation units to the transportation industry and those with interests in power-to-fuel capabilities.


High efficiency fuel conversion to electricity. Lower capex and lifetime cost. Fuel flexible.

Long range transportation

Marine applications utilising LNG.
APU and range extension in commercial vehicles.

Commercial and Industrial

Modularity and ability to scale units to MW power levels. Fuel flexibility.

Energy storage and power to fuel

High efficiency electrolyser presents a step-change opportunity in wind and solar energy storage, as well as power to fuel yields.

Over 100 customers globally

Our customers include stack manufacturers, system integrators, OEMs, research institutes, universities and utilities


stack manufacturers, universities, research institutes.


system integrators, stack manufacturers, utilities, research institutes, universities.


OEMs, system integrators, stack manufacturers, utilities, research institutes, universities.

Immense market opportunity

Overall value of the fuel cell market is expected to reach €25,5bn in 2024/25. Solid oxide cell market value is expected to reach $3 billion by 2022

Micro Combined Heat & Power Market by 2024.
Commercial & Industrial
C&I electricity market for 11 major countries.
Energy storage
Global hydrogen market.

Latest News

Japanese Ambassador to Estonia, Matsumara Yukihiko, visits Elcogen’s Headquarters

Elcogen, a leading European solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer, was honoured to welcome the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Matsumara Yukihiko, and other officials from the Embassy of Japan to visit its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. The Ambassador met with Enn […]

3 June, 2022
Elcogen receives €24 million investment from HydrogenOne

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen AS (“Elcogen” or “the Company), the European manufacturer of clean energy technology that delivers affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce completion of EUR 24m (£20m) investment from HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc (“HydrogenOne”) to […]

9 May, 2022
British Ambassador to Estonia Ross Allen Visits Elcogen’s Tallinn Headquarters

Elcogen, a leading European solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer headquartered in Estonia, has welcomed the Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia, Ross Allen, to its headquarters in Tallinn. Enn Õunpuu, founder and CEO of Elcogen, and Henri Kaar, […]

30 March, 2022