Case studies

Biogas fuel cell cogeneration system in Estonia

Incorporating Elcogen’s next generation of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and stack technology, a fuel cell systems’ provider, Convion,  will deliver a biogas fuel cell system to Biometaan OÜ in Estonia. Biometaan OÜ is an Estonian pioneer in the production of biomethane fuel for mobility from agricultural waste streams.  Convions’ C60 unit will be installed […]

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Heat and electricity generation in Guangzhou, China 

The Guangzhou Nansha “Multiple in One” Micro-Energy Demonstration project is the first energy demonstration project to be implemented based on the MoU signed between Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and China’s National Energy Administration.  The project uses various leading technologies that enables clean energy production and more efficient use of energy for the […]

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