Solid oxide fuel cells

SOFC technical data

Technical dataASC-300CASC-400B
Fuel contact layerNiONiO
Fuel electrode support compositionNiO/YSZNiO/YSZ
Fuel electrode functional compositionNiO/YSZNiO/YSZ
Electrolyte compositionYSZYSZ
Electrolyte thickness3 or 6 μm3 or 6 μm
Half-cell thickness300 μm400 μm
Half-cell tolerance±30 μm±40 μm
Barrier compositionGDCGDC
Oxygen electrode compositionLSCLSC
Thickness of oxygen electrode15 μm15 μm
Total thickness315 μm415 μm
Thickness tolerance±35 μm±45 μm
Suggested operating temp600–800 °C600–800 °C
Standard size (cell)12x12 cm12x12 cm
Standard size of active area11x11 cm11x11 cm
Different sizes available + +
Different shapes available + +
Half-cells available + +
Contact layer of Oxygen electrode available + +