CEA has validated Elcogen’s Solid Oxide Electrolysis technology

30 January, 2020

Europe’s leading research and technology organization French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has validated Elcogen’s cells for Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOEC). Taking advantage of the cells ability to operate in reversible mode at low temperature, high current density and high steam conversion.

In the frame of the European project REFLEX, coordinated by CEA and involving Elcogen, cells and stacks have been improved for reversible operation (SOEC and SOFC). Numerous stacks will be produced with those advanced cells and stacks for integration in the REFLEX reversible system. Other stacks comprising Elcogen cells beyond REFLEX will be produced for the need of several projects, which drastically increase the number of cells delivered by Elcogen to CEA in 2020 and the upcoming years, thus strengthening the partnership between Elcogen and CEA.

SOFC cell

Founder and CEO of Elcogen, Enn Õunpuu said: „No doubt, Elcogen’s new generation solid oxide cells are the best performing cells on the market. With the ability to work in reversible mode (SOEC/SOFC) our cells can be strong disruptive innovation that allows dramatically reduce the system CAPEX. We are glad that our already more than five years collaboration with CEA continues to jointly develop more efficient power-to-gas and power-to-power innovation in the end-user applications.”

French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission is Europe’s leading research and technology organization. It aims to produce, integrate and transfer science and technology to help resolve challenge in low carbon energies, defense and security, information and healthcare technologies. CEA has more than 16,000 employees, filing more than 500 patents / year.