Elcogen attends world’s largest hydrogen and fuel cells show

4 March, 2017

Elcogen has showcased its industry-leading SOFC technology at the ‘FC Expo’ in Tokyo this week – a leading international exhibition of various technologies for the fuel cells industry.

From its expo booth, Elcogen was able to display its technology and network with business meetings with key industry leaders.

The Japanese event featured the latest technologies, components, materials, devices, and finished fuel cells for hydrogen and fuel cell R&D and manufacturing.

Attendees included representatives from industry, government officers, venture capitalists, investors, and energy related companies. Exhibitors presented products and technologies to solve research and production issues, effectively comparing the latest technologies from around the world.

Elcogen’s industry-leading SOFC technology is positioned to achieve market-enabling targets in the three most critical fuel cell performance parameters: efficiency, lifetime and cost. Its low operating temperature of 650°C enables longer lifetimes and the use of low cost materials at the cell, stack and system level.

SOFCs also have the key benefit of fuel flexibility and can operate with natural gas, biogas, ethanol, methanol and other hydrocarbon fuels.