Elcogen expands into new production headquarters and R&D facility

1 July, 2014

Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cell Elcogen has moved to a new headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, featuring a dedicated space production and R&D facility.

From today Elcogen will operate a dedicated production space of 2,000 square meters for the unit cell manufacturing and R&D facilities. In addition to the new offices, factory expansion will have ensure manufacturing scales up to about 10 MW in the annual SOFC unit cell production.

The facilities, located on the Great Sõjamäe 14a, are conveniently close to Tallinn Airport and just a 10-minute drive from the city center.

This new announcement follows news earlier this year that Elcogen was expanding the new environmentally friendly office of its subsidiary in Finland Vantaa, where it manufactures and manages stack production along with R&D facilities.