Neste and Elcogen collaborate in e-fuel commercialization project

9 February, 2021

Tunk truck. Neste

One of the leading oil refining companies in Europe, Neste, is connected with VTT’s two-year project aimed at producing and commercializing electrofuels. Elcogen provides to the project it’s solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) technology.

Electrofuels are synthetic fuels that are carbon-neutral drop-in replacement fuels for crude oil-based fuels. Electrofuels are made by storing electrical energy from renewable sources in the chemical bounds of liquid or gas fuels. They are mentioned as one solution in the government’s roadmap for fossil-free transport, where Finland aims to halve the greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 2030 and reduce them to zero by 2045.

According to VTT, the project’s technology research center, the need to reduce emissions from transport means that the market for synthetic fuels is expected to grow to millions of tonnes by 2030 in Europe alone. The market for electrolysis technology, which is central to production, is expected to more than 20-fold in the next five years.

Elcogen provides to the project it’s electrolysis technology, solid oxide electrolysis cells and stacks. Electrolysis is a core technology for the production of green hydrogen and electrofuels. Elcogen’s electrolysis technology is utilised by system-integrator company Convion.

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