Elcogen supplies technology for Renewable Energy based BEV Charging Station Solution

24 January, 2022

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen, a leading European solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer headquartered in Estonia, is pleased to announce a supply partnership with WattAnyWhere to power a charging station technology demonstrator for battery electric vehicles.

Making renewable electricity available everywhere is one of the key challenges in the energy transition landscape that is required to combat climate change. Pioneering company WattAnyWhere based in Sion, Switzerland has developed a solution that enables off-grid electricity generation from renewable ethanol, bringing green power to locations where grid expansion is not possible.

WattAnyWhere has chosen the market leading solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack technology from Elcogen, to build the technology demonstrator. Elcogen’s SOFC technology is one of the most efficient ways to convert renewable ethanol into electricity, making it an ideal choice for WattAnyWhere’s innovative BEV charging system.

WattAnyWhere’s solution complements the electric grid in areas where it is too costly or too slow to upgrade its capacity, e.g. for the charging of battery electric vehicles. This enables the fast roll out of charging infrastructure in areas of high demand or in remote places, thereby making battery electric mobility accessible to everyone. The WattAnyWhere solution uses renewable ethanol, a biofuel that is widely available already today and can easily be distributed using established supply chains.

Elcogen CEO, Enn Õunpuu, holding a SOFC stack

Elcogen’s elcoStack – solid oxide cell stacks – efficiently, cleanly, and silently convert the biofuel, or alternatively natural gas or hydrogen, into electricity without a combustion process. In addition to electricity generation, Elcogen’s products can also be used to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis.

Enn Õunpuu, founder and CEO of Elcogen, said:
“Our technology is an enabler of the new energy world, providing the basis for both electricity generation and hydrogen production systems. We are excited to see innovative partners like WattAnyWhere integrating it into their ground-breaking solutions. Together with our partners and customers, we can accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy.”

Didier Roux, CEO of WattAnyWhere, added:
“Our innovative concept has attracted many backers, such as energy suppliers in France and Switzerland. We are now pleased to extend our European supply chain by partnering with Elcogen to deliver a core building block for our solution.”


About Elcogen
Founded in 2001, Elcogen is an Estonia-headquartered clean technology company that develops and manufactures the world’s most efficient solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and electrolysis cell (SOEC) technologies for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It currently supplies more than 60 commercial customers worldwide and aims to become world’s leading producer of commercial SOFC /SOEC cells and stacks.

Elcogen’s clean technology is an enabler of efficient and emission-free distributed power generation, allowing its partners to deliver energy and power storage solutions to the mass market, addressing zero-emission targets and promoting the hydrogen economy. The company was recently named Winner of Innovation by the European Business Awards.

About WattAnyWhere
Founded in 2021, in Sion, Switzerland and in Orsay, France, WattAnyWhere participates to a successful energy transition with a ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly answer to the urgent global climate change dilemma.

WattAnyWhere brings a breakthrough solution to electric vehicle charging point operators (CPOs), with a highly reliable, safe and innovative Fuel Cell system that delivers BioEnergy, i.e. electricity produced out of BioMass, to anyone, anywhere; BioEnergy that is clean, silent, cost-effective, free of pollutant and CO2 neutral.

CPOs benefit from high power generation with availability at even the most remote location, while greatly contributing to the health of our environment by reducing GHG emissions.
WattAnyWhere innovative design uses renewable ethanol to store energy for a high reliability, safety and cost effective solution.

WattAnyWhere is supported by EPFL, HES-SO, The Ark foundation, InnoSuisse and FIT foundation in Switzerland and ENSEA and IncubAlliance in France.

For further information please contact:

Elcogen AS

  • Marek Roostar
  • marek.roostar@elcogen.com, +372 53 84 6006