Elcogen the hot topic at leading fuel cell symposium

15 August, 2017

Elcogen’s market-leading technology has been showcased at the world’s most important solid oxide fuel cell conference, held recently in the United States.

Elcogen’s fuel cells were a hot topic at the recent 15th International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC-XV) in Hollywood, Florida – considered the SOFC industry’s most important date.

The symposium brought together scientists, engineers, and researchers from academia, industry, and government laboratories to share results and discuss issues related to SOFCs and electrolysers.

The highlight of this particular symposium was a 3,380-page publication that included 333 scientific papers from 40 countries.

The paper covered all aspects of the SOFC industry, including: R&D; demonstrations; materials studies; as well as cell, stack and system designs; new applications, including electrolysis and power storage; and, a considerable number of papers emphasising durability and reliability issues.

These papers provide the most up-to-date snapshot of SOFC technology and solid oxide electrolysis.

Elcogen’s cells and stacks were prominent, with the European manufacturer the co-author of two research papers submitted for the symposium, one focused on studying SOFC stack lifetimes while the other studied Elcogen’s stack performance in rSOC (reversible solid oxide cell) mode.

Elcogen products were also used in nine separate papers presented during the five-day event

Furthermore Elcogen’s technology was also used in two presentations about electrolysis. One presentation was by French alternative energy commission CEA, using Elcogen’s cells in their stack. The other presentation was presented by VTT studying Elcogen’s stack performance in rSOC mode, with remarkable results.