New Managing Director appointed for Elcogen Finland

25 February, 2021

Hanna Granö-Fabritius

Elcogen is pleased to welcome Hanna Granö-Fabritius as a new Managing Director of Elcogen’s Finnish subsidiary – Elcogen Oy.

Hanna has more than 20 years’ experience in international business and general management, predominately in the Material Science and Life Science markets. She has extensive experience in product development of hardware and software platforms, product life cycle management and commercialization with strong focus on profitable growth.

Before joining Elcogen, she spent multiple years with Thermo Fisher Scientific, most recently as Managing Director and site leader for a German subsidiary in Karlsruhe. She has a M.Sc. degree from Aalto University and is also a graduate of Thermo Fisher Scientific GM Development program


Three questions to Hanna:

  • Why Elcogen?

After 20 years with a global corporate and the last 4 years commuting to Germany, I wanted to experience working closer to home and in a smaller company. Elcogen interested me because of the technology and the value the technology brings. With two children of my own, the mission statement of Elcogen is important. The energy market also stands in front of large and much needed changes and that brings lots of opportunities.


  • People, technology or processes – from where would you start?

I am passionate about technology, so I would have to start there. But in the end, people are everything. Without people, you don’t have technology. In a growing organization like ours, focus also needs to be on developing strong processes to support people and enable growth.


  • What does success look like for Elcogen?

Success means multi-million-dollar turnover in 3 years and being an acknowledged and profitable industry leader in commercialized SOFC and SOEC technology in 10 years. Ultimately really fulfilling our mission statement “We enable clear sky” also would be a success story.