Team Elcogen in 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge 2019

15 May, 2019

24H Hydrogen Challenge is an interactive strategic team challenge to drive 24 hours through Europe on a fuel cell electric car (FCEV). On the way the team must gather points by showing strategic planning and creative skills.

24H Hydrogen Challenge idea is to rise awareness of hydrogen car through direct experience. What is the difference between electric vehicle and fuel cell electric vehicle? The main difference is that electric vehicle stores electricity in battery but fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) generates electricity from hydrogen on board. Basically, FCEV has an on-board energy factory. Creating energy on spot, on demand is a new way of thinking in every sector of energetics. In this sense the fuel cell electric car is a very good example of next generation thinking toward more efficient and sustainable future.

On the 4th edition of the 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge there are 24 teams participating. Participants drive their own route through Europe in 24 hours. They can earn points by making kilometers, visiting filling points, visiting countries and by traveling to specific locations. Current World record for 24hour drive on FCEV is 2,383 kilometers, it makes average speed of 99 km per hour. Average range of FCEV is around 500 km.

The route of each team can be monitored interactively on the website here


Go team Elcogen!