The Energy Industry Times: Lemene CHP – a winning combination

11 December, 2018

Global power and energy sector newspaper – The Energy Industry Times’s December 2018 issue highlights Lemene project with Elcogen fuel cells and stacks – as a winning combination of hybrid combined heat and power (CHP) system maximizing carbon savings and individual asset value.


Energy company Lempäälän Energia is leading the development of the LEMENE smart grid project, which will supply combined heat and power approximately to 50 businesses in the industrial district of Marjamäki as well as street lighting.

Powered by a 4 MW solar panel array, an 8.1 MW biogas-fuelled engine and a battery to even out temporary fluctuations in energy production, it will feature a fuel cell-based CHP system too. Two Convion C50 fuel cell systems, each featuring 24 fuel cell stacks from manufacturer Elcogen, will supply an additional 116 kWe. The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) stack operates at 650°C and produces 3 kW DC – fueled by hydrogen derived from reformed natural gas. Featuring a combination of lowcarbon energy generation, storage and smart controls to provide a selfsufficient district energy solution, the LEMENE system will operate mainly as part of the public electrical grid but can also operate as a supporting reserve system for the public grid, or independently off-grid as required.

Fuel cell system integrator Convion CEO Erkko Fontell commented: “The project is a unique example of a future power solution, where requirements for energy efficiency, power security and sustainability are met.” LEMENE smart grid project will start operating in summer of 2019.

Full article opens as a pdf fileCHP and the new energy world – a winning combination