Year: 2024

The Iru power plant will supply electricity to Elcogen, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell technology

Elcogen and Enefit Green have signed a long-term electricity sales agreement, under which a direct power connection line will be constructed between the Iru power plant and Elcogen’s manufacturing facility.

The capacity of the direct power line to be built is 10 megavolt amperes, comparable to the power consumption of some smaller communities in Estonia.

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With a strategic investment from Baker Hughes, Elcogen closes its current funding round, raising overall €140m for scaling of its leading solid oxide technology for hydrogen

Combined with equity investment from Hydrogen One Capital Growth plc, HD Hyundai and Mirae, as well as projects granted from the European Commission, including an IPCEI project totaling more than €24m, and a proposed debt of €15m, Elcogen has now raised more than €140m for the continuous development and scaling of its market leading solid oxide technology, enabling affordable green hydrogen and accelerating the energy transition.

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Let’s meet! Elcogen’s exhibition calendar for 2024

As the year unfolds, we are thrilled to share Elcogen’s exhibition calendar for 2024. We are excited to meet you there, share our expertise and explore how our fuel and electrolyser cells, stacks and modules can elevate your business to new heights.

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Great news: Elcogen is named on the 2024 Global Cleantech 100!

We are pleased to announce that Elcogen, the European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, has been named on Cleantech Group’s 2024 Global Cleantech 100!

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Elcogen and Convion celebrate a key development milestone in green hydrogen production technology

Elcogen, in collaboration with its partner Convion, have concluded a test period of 2000 hours of the first-of-a-kind Convion Solid Oxide electrolyser equipped with Elcogen’s cell technology last week, validating superb performance and good operability.

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