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Europe can boost energy security with existing fuel cell, hydrogen tech

Europe must turn to existing hydrogen and fuel cell technology to ensure its energy security and reduce its dependence on politically unstable and carbon-intensive supplies, a conference has heard.

18 September, 2017

Elcogen co-hosts European fuel cell energy seminar and webinar

Elcogen will co-host an international seminar next week, discussing the role of fuel cells and hydrogen in Europe’s energy security.

8 September, 2017

Elcogen tech at heart of breakthrough fuel cell project

A three-year project to develop a new generation of fuel cell stack has succeeded, heralding ‘remarkable’ efficiency from technology that is both low cost and designed for mass manufacture.

30 August, 2017

Elcogen the hot topic at leading fuel cell symposium

Elcogen’s market-leading technology has been showcased at the world’s most important solid oxide fuel cell conference, held recently in the United States.

15 August, 2017

Elcogen fuel cell technology to power clean energy hub

Elcogen will supply its technology for a groundbreaking new project demonstrating how reversible solid oxide cells can be used in innovative clean energy storage systems.

8 August, 2017

Elcogen’s fuel cell tech presented during EU Presidency Smart City visit

Elcogen CEO Enn Õunpuu has presented the company’s leading solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology and its latest business activities during a recent European clean energy conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

28 July, 2017

Elcogen attends Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing

Last month Elcogen CEO Enn Õunpuu attended the Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing.

20 July, 2017

Elcogen attends world’s largest hydrogen and fuel cells show

Elcogen has showcased its industry-leading SOFC technology at the ‘FC Expo’ in Tokyo this week – a leading international exhibition of various technologies for the fuel cells industry.

4 March, 2017